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Thread: gained weight this am???? im strictly following this diet

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    Angry gained weight this am???? im strictly following this diet

    I am so confused. I really am strictly following this diet and i could not believe my eyes when i saw the scale go up. i was in a stale and thought i would see it move today just not up has this happened to anyone else???? i feel like the apple day is a waste because i dont care about water weight i care about fat. the HCG is working im not hungry and honestly for the most part i feel great but looking at the scale this am really makes me think if this is really worth it. the rate im lossing i feel i could do on regular strict diet. I am just so frustrated and sad. ill post my progression the last few days below
    11/25- 153
    11/26- 152.8
    11/27- 152.4
    11/28- 152.2
    11/29- 152.2
    12/1- 152

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    Is your period approaching? Did you have extra salt yesterday? What have you been eating?
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    I also gained yesterday but I had a chili soup with plenty of salt in it plus I know some can't eat beef and tomato in the same meal so it was kind of an experiment. What type of HCG are you doing? Please do not get discouraged, this program absolutely works- I don't know how tall you are but the less abnormal fat you have to lose, the slower it seems to come off. I'm planning on drinking lots of water today and I'll bet tomorrow will look skinnier!
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    grammy1952- no i started at the end of my period last week. I am not a big salt fan but i do use it for taste. yesterday i had coffee, apple & grissini, shrimp with broccoli, steak with cabbage, apple & grissini.

    shustar- i am taking sublingual real hcg 5-6 Drops in am 5-6 Drops in pm. i think the hcg is working because im not hungry. I am 5'2'' so my normal weight should be between 101-130lbs. i personally like to be 130. I have been drinking lots of water, i carry a water bottle with me.

    its so hard not to be discouraged but i do feel great so that is one thing that is working. i just think at this rate i could be cutting fats, oils, and carbs on a regular diet and lose the same i love this forum cause times like these you really need encouragement to continue


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