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Thread: Giving this a real try.

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    Giving this a real try.

    Hello everyone, I am a male, 280 lbs, 6-1. At about 210 I can see abs, so about 70 to lose. I have had good success previously on a managed program with shakes and low calorie and all vegetarian but it was a little difficult and hard to do. I gained back weight, then went on Optavia, five small packets of "fuelings" and one "lean and green' similar to the meal here. I lost rapidly but after losing around 35 in about 10 or 12 weeks I had a terrible gout flare in several joints I couldn't shake for a couple months. Lots of soy protein in that protocol so I was scared to try that again.

    I have a high stress job, single dad with 2 kids, one being a 14 year old boy that has been very difficult over the last few years, and frankly I gave up after the gout flare, ate like complete crap and gained back all my weight.

    I can't stand being this fat and unhealthy, started working out and was intrigued when I saw a clinic outside Chicago for "medicallly supervised weight loss". Went in and had the protocol explained, I had never heard of this, but knowing my nighttime eating, my holding stomach fat, my insane cravings and hunger, what the counselor said was extremely convincing and so here I am.

    I started 3 days ago, the loading days were supposed to be great, but honestly after the first day and feeling crappy that night I had to really push myself to eat enough calories the next day. Today I took my 200 unit shot in the AM and started the first day of the actual diet - after gaining probably 5 pounds (it felt like) in the last two days.

    So far I have followed to the letter, just had dinner and some berries and I am not hungry. I am craving junk because I am a night eater, poison of choice pretzels, chips, popcorn, etc. I also have developed a sweet tooth at night - I rarely ate sugary things for years, but the last few as my kids always wanted "dessert" I started with ice cream or chocolate or eclairs etc. at night. I would be disgusted at myself and then do it again the next night. Hopefully this is a step off of cyclical weight loss and I can be successful, get stabilized and not go back to stupid habits.

    I am optimistic, I have to say that for eating 500 calories today I am really not hungry, certainly not miserable, which is much better than any other diet I have begun. I will try to stop in and update as well as glean information.

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    I found your post, by searching “gout”. My husband is on Day 40 of his round, & has had a bad gout flair up. He has 4 more days of VLCD. He has battled through the pain, icing & elevating his foot. He has had to limit his protein to chicken, fish (mostly), & boiled eggs. He had to cut out tomatoes & spinach, due to purine content.

    He has lost 28 pounds already, & looks 10 years younger than he did at Thanksgiving. The gout is better, but is still hanging on. The Teledoc he consulted knows he is losing weight, but the HCG was not elaborated on to the Teledoc. He said that rapid weight loss can trigger the episodes if you already have gout tendencies. I admire my husband for battling through, & continuing this transformation of his health.

    We hope you are encouraged, & look forward to your posts!


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