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Thread: Does HCG work for everyone?

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    Does HCG work for everyone?

    I have been on every diet under the sun. I am 5"2 and 160. I can get down to 147 through working out and low carb calorie restriction but but then I cant get any lower. I have had problems through out my life with binge eating. I've never found a diet that really has been able to curve my appetite accept for phentermine pills but the side effects for me were not worth it ( depression, mid afternoon crash, trouble sleeping)
    I currently like eating very low carb - paleo because it halts a lot of the cravings eating this way, but honestly what most often leads to binge eating is hunger.
    Can this diet resolve this? And does it work on most people? I love exercise and I hope this is recommended on the plan. Can someone give me their experience on it?


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    It works for everyone. But if you have hunger, your dose is off. You can continue to do anything you're used to. Make sure you read pounds and inches. Welcome!
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    I take HHCG ...I lost 40 pounds so far im in my 2nd round and so happy. I also would diet weight watchers carb diet and get to 160 and lose no more weight I am currently 145 and still losing I lost 20 pounds in round one and 19 so far in round 2 ! YES it will work ! Good Luck !


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