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Thread: Hcg diet with gluten allergy

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    Question Hcg diet with gluten allergy

    Hi everyone! I'm new to HCG and I'm starting today. I'm in need of guidance as I have a severe gluten allergy and I take black seed oil daily to calm my stomach down. I've heard that the HCG shots do help with inflammation so I'm hoping this will help with the flare up I'm having right now.

    Does anyone know if you can take black seed oil supplements while on this diet? And if you can't have any oil or cook with it, what is everyone using to cook their meat or veggies with in place of oil?

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    The only fats allowed in the HCG protocol are the fats present in the lean meats allowed in the 500 calorie menu. Black seed oil would not be permitted on the protocol in the amount you would need them for your treatment.

    The tiny amount of oil in a vitamin D capsule would not hinder the protocol, but normal doses of
    blackseed oil and fish oils, for instance contain too much oil for the HCG to work properly.

    It is very likely that the very simple elimination diet of the HCG protocol would on its own calm down your stomach and guts. It can be done gluten-free either by eliminating the melba/breadstick, or substituting with a gluten free cracker with a similar nutritional make up. The Le Pain crackers can work, or a any other gluten free/non-seed cracker that is fat free and about 20 calories.
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