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    Hey All I need help! Just started HCG and the first day had a headache, is that normal? Thought maybe dosage was too high, 17.5 ? Thanks in advance. Anna

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    Hi, I'm a newbie to the site and this is my second round. My first round was 7 years ago so it feels like being new and on a first round! From everything I have read on here 17.5 is too high, they suggest starting at 125 iu which would be 12.5. I get headaches a lot so I am not sure if the headaches I have been having are from the diet or my normal headaches! Make sure you are getting enough water (the cause of my headaches, I don't feel thirst so I forget to drink and am often in a slight dehydrated state).

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    Thank so much @grlUnderConstruction I really appreciate your answer. I did take it down to 15 and so far no headache! I will see how this goes. I am so ready to be on this diet. Thanks again and We can do this!! Anna

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    Good luck tomorrow!! We CAN do this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsannahuber View Post
    Hey All I need help! Just started HCG and the first day had a headache, is that normal? Thought maybe dosage was too high, 17.5 ? Thanks in advance. Anna
    I had a headache the first week. It's pretty common. They say it's detox related

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    Headaches the first few days are common. Some say it's detox, but I just think it's the hcg. Either take some aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen or just wait it out. I don't think the headache is caused by too high a dose. Headaches just happen the first few days.

    As for dose, the best dose to start with is either 125 or 150 iu. Do you know how your hcg was mixed? That will tell you what your dose of 17.5 is.

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    Headache GONE!

    Thanks all for your replies! I did lower my dose to 15 and no more headache. Feel good, ready to do this! Day 1 of P2 LOL!

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    @mrsannahuber You got this!!!

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    Hello I hope you are doing well. Today is my first day on my new eating plan. I did the 2 day loading period. One day at a time! my current weight is 160.7lbs the most I have weighed in my life. God give me strength!

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