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Thread: Hellooooo! :D

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    Hellooooo! :D

    I had great experience and success with this protocol about a decade ago....and well... time to go a few rounds again. I see not many places still sell the injections, I did find a company...hope it is what it used to be. I am one that needs to journal daily for accountability.

    Here we gooooo!!!

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    Welcome back!

    Join us at the Monthly Loosers' Club for daily check-in if you wish!

    Good luck on your round!
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    Yes, welcome back, Justbe. Almost all of us has done hcg in the past, and are back again, excited that it works so well for us, yet again. When I started back this past January 9, but who knows exactly when (HA) i found myself looking back thru all kinds of old threads/postings for motivation, and for receipes as well. There are current postings here also. It still works. Older now by 11 years (2010) and I've lost 38.2 lbs over 1 and a half rounds, will be ending my current planned interruption this next Sunday, and back on P2, 500 cal a day for 14 days to complete a 40 day round--for total of 2 rounds in 2021. Hoping to lose 5-10 more lbs, but we'll see.

    Good luck on your round, think I read that you have set June 1 as start date? It will be here before you know it, but jump on in at any time.


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