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    I started this process at a weight clinic and a 200 iu dose. Weight was 204.5
    2 day starts loading on this dose and gained 1 lb.
    VLCD 1 weight 205 very hungry
    VLCD day 2down 1.5 but hungry tired and grumpy
    VLCD 3 Down 1.7 still hungry and tired reduced dose to 150 iu
    VLCD 4 down .8 feeling less hungry but still foggy
    From here on been on 150 iu
    VLCD 5 down 1.4
    VLCD 6 down 1.2
    Clinic appt this am and she says I lost only 4 lbs because my startweight at clinic was 204.5 and weigh in I was 200.5. Told me I gained fat from 48.8% to 49.8% but lost 3 lbs of water. She told me I was slow to lose because my 350-450 calories a day was too low. I needed to increase and I would see improvement. I hate meat so I have been struggling also told me I had to eat breakfast every day along with other 2 meals.
    I ate 500 calories yesterday kept sq hcg at 150 and today I have stayed the same on scale. Iím holding todayís dose to help determine if I need higher or lower dose as Iím very discouraged with poor loss. Any suggestions?

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    Those are fabulous losses. You will have to eat your meat for losses to continue though. The balance of protein to carbs is very important. you can't just eat any old 500 calories and have the protocol work properly. You don't need to eat breakfast though. Two meals a day is the prescribed diet on the original protocol. If you haven't read it, click the Manuscript button at the top of the page and read it for yourself. You count your losses from how much you weighed after loading. If your hunger is better by evening on the skip day, drop your dose a little more, down to 125 iu.
    My expert Hcg Diet advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol and over 10 years experience as a weight loss and nutrition coach. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
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    Thank you Grammy for responding I so appreciate it. The clinic only said I lost 4 pounds because they go from the first day they weighed me. I took my weight after loading and that total is 6.6. They also told me absolutely no skip days. After educating myself thru your amazing forum I skipped yesterday, and was starving by 5pm. This morning I increased to 170 iu. I’m hoping today I will start to feel better and lose as for the last two days I only lost .4, which is discouraging. The clinic also told me I had to eat more protein which I’m trying with egg whites. My headache is gone this morning so that is better. Thank you again for direction from you and Leez you guys are truly amazing!


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