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Thread: Help......need advice on best course of action.

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    Help......need advice on best course of action.

    I need help, I have been doing 22 days of and completed 20 hcg injections (as doing 1 skip day a week). I was going to do a 40 day run but I experienced a death in the family and left my house without my HCG and no way to get it. II am not hungry and havenít been on this round. I have lost 17 pounds on this round so far and donít want to loose my momentum as I am now 23 pounds from my goal.....So I was goin to just eat VLC for 3 days and go to P3. Anyone have experience with doing this short of a round? Any suggestions... oh this is my 3rd round of HCG in 6 years. I had a Sleeve and was doing hcg to break a year long stall as reset my hormones/lepton resistance I have had and am absolutely thrilled with my results this time and want optimize this run. Anyone have any advice or experience.
    Should I restart or just move into P3.

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    Even though its too early for a planned interruption (you need 23 doses for that) its also too early to quit and still stabilize properly. You can try a planned interruption anyway. I don't think you have anything to lose (so to speak) since its problematic either way.

    So after your 72 hours off HCG, increase your calories to at least 800 with P3 foods. You can eat this way for 4 to 14 days and then get right back on HCG (without reloading) for as many doses as you can up to a total of 40. Then transition off and do P3.
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