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Thread: I need help correcting course from modified to original protocol

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    Exclamation I need help correcting course from modified to original protocol

    Hi there! I started the HCG diet 1 week ago (Friday, 11/5 was my first VLCD). I went into this rather blindly I'll admit - signed up with a local clinic and did the actual research after I started. From forums such as this one I realized 2 things: I was on a higher calorie limit than original (750 calories) AND that I was dosing 200 iu. Luckily I caught the first issue while on day 1, so was able to rectify at once and have been on 500 calories or so since the start, though my first few days i was having protein oatmeal for breakfast instead of the second apple, but that too I fixed on day 4.

    Re the high dose, I wasn't so bothered initially as I was cruising through week 1 without any hunger (except around mealtimes) which was pretty great. I lost just under 5 lbs in total over 5 days, despite the oatmeal.

    My real issue started yesterday coinciding with my TOM. I was prepared for weight loss to stall, which it did (in fact gained 0.2 lbs at today's weigh-in). However I'm also experiencing more hunger and thoughts of food than before. Yesterday morning after TOM started, I as planning to not take my HCG injection as per protocol but crazy hunger made me take it eventually. I felt better after but still not like pre-TOM days. Today I adjusted my dose down from 200 iu to 150 iu thinking I may not need the full amount during my period, but same as yesterday. I can't say I'm crazy hungry but I'm thinking of food and have already consumed most of the apple I set aside for dinner. My hands have also started tingling which also has me worried!!

    Advice? Is this just a temporary blip on account of TOM, and if so how soon can I expect hunger and tingling to dissipate and weight loss to resume? Or is this a dosing issue that I need to fix in a more structured way?

    Thank you SO much for your help!

    If it helps, I'm 42F, 147 lbs starting weight and looking to shed ~30 lbs. Was breastfeeding till about 5 weeks ago. I'm on R1 for 30 days but may extend to 40 if I don't hit at least 20 lbs total loss.

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    First, you want to make sure the 500 calories you are consuming are from the allowed food list. If your clinic was advocating more than 500 calories, they likely also gave you an expanded food list that contains off protocol foods.


    So the correct way to adjust dose is to do a skip day, then lower or raise dose as indicated by your hunger level in the early evening of the skip day.

    Since you didn't do that, your levels won't come down fast enough to give your relief if you just change dosing. The reason is that HCG stays in the body for 3 days, so your doses overlap.

    After you have been on 150iu for 4 straight days, you can do a proper skip day and then assess which way to adjust. Hunger from a dose too high or a dose too low can look the same, so the skip day is necessary.

    Only losing 5 pounds in the first week could be an indicator your dose was wrong, even if you had no hunger. So I think you are on the right track to lower it. It may be that by the 4th day you will find that 150iu is your best dose, and then you can just continue on.

    TOM can definitely mess with the scale, so you may find you have a nice woosh on the scale once the hormone storm passes in a couple of days.

    Its entirely possible to lose the max --34 pounds in the 40 dose day round, but unlikely for women. Women can expect a half pound a day average loss. So once you get to the 30 days, you can assess where you are at and if you have the resolve to do the last 10 dose days. You should start doing a skip day once a week looking ahead to that possibility. That will protect you from immunity, which is a real thing we see here in the forums. If you decide to stop at 30 dose days, you haven't hurt anything. You've actually gained a couple of extra losing days.
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