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Thread: Help If You Are Hungry on HCG Diet ~ Please Read

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaburke66 View Post
    Alrighty, asking for tweaks/help...R1/P2/D2 hhcg pellets from Nu Image (4 pellets 3x day). Super hungry/droopy, calories in FitDay barely reach 500 both days. Following Dr. S as closely as humanly possible as advised by Nu Image (no snacks between the two meals until tomatoes). Didn't gain much during load (like 1/2 a lb) but had been eating super clean 2 weeks prior to 2 load days. Wondering if I can add a protein at brekkie and maybe skip the apple/melba. Would still keep me with 1 apple (these are very small) and a melba along with an extra protein. I just snacked on 150 g of raw tomato so I would not gnaw on table. Took an epsom salt bath, too. Feel a tad better after tomatoes, floating on green tea and water intake. :-) Suggestions? Just wait it out a day or so more? Ok to add a protein snack? (I tend to do better with small meals throughout the day so this two meals no snacks business is tough. Also tend to be carb sensitive and gain like lightening.)

    TIA and thank you guys for being here to help!

    OK, got up this am on D3 to a nice 2 lb loss. Was starting out with the droopy/weak/hunger deal again so I prepared 3 egg whites and 150 g plain sauteed spinach. Feeling better. FitDay calories = 86. So, would you go ahead and drop the small apple/melba at lunch to keep the calories at 500? As I said above, I do better with small meals throughout the day...and maybe hunger will abate with a few more days...

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    Hi there - I saw the post urging newbies to check in if they are feeling hungry. I loaded heavily during P1. This is day 2 of the vlcd. I am not having hunger pangs but feeling sortof lightheaded even after eating, it does feel like hunger/like I'm not eating enough. I am doing 12.5 units of hcg injections and have followed the diet right on so far. Any advice would be appreciated. If this will pass after the first few days I'm fine with waiting it out.

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    im hoping to get some help. I am starving!! ...and whats odd is that i feel like i eat MORE than i did before starting on this diet, yet i was never hungry before ? Im so confused. Im taking the injections and the website i ordered my hcg from New Edge suggests i take 150iu ...so thats what ive been doing. I ordered 2 5000IU and mixed the 5000IU with 5ml bacteriostatic water. I then fill my diabetic syringe to 25. Am i doing something wrong??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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    I should also note that i just started this protocol starting with my load on Thanksgiving...so ive only taken 4 injections so far.

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    150 may be too high for you- try loawering to 125- and work from there
    the one i got said to take 200ius and i felt like i was going to eat arm off
    and was ahot mess internally- it was just way too much. I lowered it according to Nu Image's coaching and much better now.

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    Ill try that diana, thank you! I saw another post where someone suggested lowering the dose as well, so this morning i tried 200 and i am feeling MUCH better! Ill try 150 tomorrow and see how that goes

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    I cannot comment on the drops as I am using injections but @doubledee, I had the same problem. I asked Grammy and she said skip a day and then lower your dose. So you should skip today and then tomorrow try 150. Made a world of difference for me!

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    I read this post Monday night and lowered my dose from 17 units to 15 yesterday and what a difference!! I stuck 100% to protocol and I had to remember to make my dinner last night. Today is VLCD day 4 and my question is.....I had filled some of my syringes with 17 units as instructed but now that I know I need this lower dose can I inject them back into my hcg vial and refill them or just spread those 6 over the rest of my injection days and know those days will just be harder?
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    Is it best to take drops in am and 30 minutes before meals, or stagger them every 8 hours?

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    Hi Grammy! Just wanted to get your opinion. I am on VLCD day 8. I am using RX hcg Ovidac sublingual. i STARTED OUT WITH .5mls 2x a day. (I mixed it with 15mls saline) I ahve not had a day yet that I wasn't really hungry. Doing my best and haven't cheated so far. But I don't know if I can handle this much longer. I skipped a dose once last week and felt even hungrier. Went down to .4 and had hunger, then went bakc up to .5 and still hungry. So today I took it up to .6mls and STILL hungry!! Ugh!! So frustrating.

    But two things could have happened. 1) I left my hcg out of the fridge for a few days. I kept it in a dark cool place, but didn't realize it HAD to be refridgerated. 2) I did the cardinal sin of shaking it up! I had no idea you werne't supposed to shake it!

    So, I guess my question is, do you think I ruined my HCG and should I just mix up my other vial, or I should just keep trying to adjust my dose? Should I go up even higher? I did Hhcg last round and ended up having to take 20 drops 3x a day to get any hunger relief and even then it wasn't totally gone. So maybe I just need alot. I tend to be that way with most medications. What is an abnormally high dose for most people is usually a normal dose for me. I'm just so tired of feeling like I want to eat my arm!!! My will power is only going to hold for so long. Thanks for your help!!

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    I am still starving all the time.

    I have completed 14 days R2 Phase 2. Last night I finally gave into the hunger and ate an extra meal. it was approx 240 calories and I was still hungry. the 1st week, the drops were not potent (pregnancy test was not positive). I got new drops from a different company (Nu Image HCG). The pregnancy test turned positive immediately. I'm taking 6 drops, twice a day. I was never hungry in R1 and I lost 34 lbs in 3 weeks. This time around, I've lost 17 lbs in 14 days and I'm just so hungry. Yesterday I got light headed.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    If i purchased my order from that company too and they dont give me dosage amount (im waiting for order to arrivr tomorrow)how will i know how much to take. Is it based on weight and size? any way you can direct me. im just getting started. thanks


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