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Thread: Im more confused than ever

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    Question Im more confused than ever

    Hi I'm very new im researching ,I cant seem to find a good reasonable place to buy the hcg drops ill need the kit i assume.I just dont think I could do shots . Most of the links in where to buy don't work and the ones that do lead to injection..where can I find the hcg Drops that are real .Im really new .and just trying to take it all in .I also need a good info page to give my dr so he can look it over and give me the ok before I start this diet I really want to do this so if anyone knows the answers to my questions I really appreciate your help thank you Belinda

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    If you are going to a doctor, why don't you get him to prescribe it, & you can get it at a pharmacy?

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    I started back on VLCD 3 days ago and I have lost 3 pounds. I use the My HCG WAY patch from Frequency apps. I never could get my drops regulated and as far as I know NO doctors in my state will give you real hcg. The patch is hhcg and you replace them every 3 days. I stayed hungry all the time on my drops, but on the patch I am not hungry except at the appropriate meal times and then not very much. I am sure someone on here that has a lot more expertise than I, can give you all the information you need. Good luck.
    H Holly

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    Are you looking for homeopathic drops or are you looking for rx sublingual? I used rx sublingual. Just order the same stuff as for injections from Reliable. Then buy some wound wash at the drugstore to mix it with. I bought a small glass vial at Whole Foods in the vitamins/oils section to mix it in. And I got insulin syringes at Walmart to mix with/dose with.


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