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Thread: Will Insurance Cover HCG Injections?

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    Lightbulb Will Insurance Cover HCG Injections?

    Has anyone had their insurance cover the cost of their HCG injections and supplies? I have United Health and have been considering talking to my doctor about a prescription and referral and submit it the insurance company for my next rounds. I was considered morbidly obese at 250 lbs. by my nutritionist. I was considering bariatric surgery but backed out. If I'm morbidly obese shouldn't that be considered a life threatening illness?

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    I had my doctor write a prescription (she was impressed with my results from previous rounds and agreed to write a prescription so I could submit to insurance).
    However, my insurance company -HBC/BS denied because HCG is not approved for weight loss.
    I hope you get better results than I did.
    As a side note- my pharmacist wanted to charge me upwards of $800 for a long round. It was cheaper to get it on my own.

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