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Thread: Any loaders on September 17th and 18th?

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    Sportsgal, I'm thinking the exact same thing! All the pizza and carbs I can't eat You're right, mind over matter. We just have to keep saying it over and over to ourselves. We will get there!

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    R1 P2
    I lost 1.6! Started at 180.8 and weighed in at 179.2 this morning. Heading to the gym now!

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    I'll jump in here as well, loading days were Sept. 16-17. I'm on GNC's hCG Platinum drops, lost 30 lb the first round and hoping for 20 more.
    R1- 40 days, 30lb lost
    R2- 21 days, 5lb lost
    R3- 40 days, day 33 15 lb so far!
    Beginning R3 3/19/13
    Start weight: 174lb

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoxyGirl View Post
    Sportsgal, I'm thinking the exact same thing! All the pizza and carbs I can't eat You're right, mind over matter. We just have to keep saying it over and over to ourselves. We will get there!
    Do you have a recipe book? 101 worry free HCG recipes is a god send! It really helps to get ideas for different things to make so you don't get so bored

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    Hi all!
    I'm new too!! Jumping in here too! This is my first time, using the drops. I am looking to loose about 20lbs or so. I loaded on the weekend, and it's now tuesday night and i've made it through 2 vlcd!! Amazing that i'm not voraciously hungry! Craving stuff, but have been able to say NO! Where do i get one of those tickers for my posts?

    if you don't wait 15 mins before and after using the drops, what affect does that have? is it huge? I wasn't aware of it so i didn't really pay attention!!

    talk soon!

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    R4/P2/hhcg drops
    Two days down...2 lbs down...only...booo....was hoping for more as I have usually seen more of a drop the first few days. I haven't eaten my fruit or any melbas/grissini breadsticks either and i went walking for 50mins last night and my heart rate watch said i burned 441 calories...hmmmm. That along with not enough water could have done it...so water water water! Plus I only loaded 1 day and i didn't weight myself before to see how much i may have gained loading...oh well...we are on the right track...down down down!

    Not sure the exact reasoning for waiting the 15 mins before and after but probably along the lines of absorption of the drops into your system. I'm on drops too! Homeopathic from Meridan Health Labs. My first time trying them from there...my others from Green Web Labs changed their formula and no longer work. Still can't beat $21 to potentially lose 20-30 lbs!

    Here's to a great hump day ya'll!

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    I am new too. I loaded September 15th and 16th. This is my second round using the Body Shapers hcg drops. First round, back in May, was really successful, but I gained some lbs back over the summer, so I am doing another round. I will be happy if I can lose 20 lbs which should be enough for me.

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    Well, after VLCD1 down 4 pounds - seems like my load was mainly water but so nice to get that off! Hope everyone has great losses today!

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    6 pounds down in the first 2 days of R2!! Yahooo!!

    Stats so far:
    Start weight R1: 229 (0 gain loading)
    LIW after 40 days: 202.8 (26.2 lost)
    Weight before loading R2: 201.4 (1.4 lost during P3)
    Weight after loading R2 :206.4 (5 pound gain, I had a good time!!)
    Weight on VLCD2: 202.2 (-4.2)
    Weight on VLCD3: 200.4 (-1.8)

    But let's be honest here, I really want to see 199!! LOL I love hCG!!

    PS my total goal is 64 pounds putting me at 165. I am 5'9".... .
    There is only one race - the human race. And in my opinion, all people were created equally & should be treated as such.

    R1: 7/16/11: 229
    40VLCD: 8/26/11 LIW 202.8

    R2: 40VLCD: 10/26/11 LIW 181.6
    -21.2 (W/ 5# loading lost 26.2 again)

    R3: 1/1/12 : 183.8 (gained 2.2 from LIW)
    1/3: 187.2 (after loading)
    1/10: 176 end of week 1 (11.2/7.8 down preload/post load weight)
    1/17: 174.4

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    Good morning all! I would love to join in with the group. I loaded 9/19 and 9/20, so today is first day of VLCD. I've tried HCG before, but last time didn't finish because of personal issues, but have only gained 2lbs from my last weigh in. So, I'm hoping to finish a round this time. Good luck to everyone!

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    Hi everyone!!! I am starting my load today!! Would love a buddy! I am very excited yet, very scared!

    Wanted to ask anyone out there who is doing shots if it matters what time of the day you do it..
    Also, I've read in a few different posts about only administrating the shots 6 days and not 7..any idea what that's all about?

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    Hi everyone!

    So today is VLCD2 and I was down 4 from yesterdays weigh in. It's not so hard! I seem to keep drying out chicken though....anyone got helpful tips? I steamed tilapia (wrapped in foil of course) in my George Foreman instead. That was tasty and easy, only took a few minutes. I haven't been eating the melba/grissini either but I maybe had tiny extra tilapia (because I haven't bought a scale and eyeballed it).

    Trying to stay away from my friends in restaurant/pub type places so I don't get asked why I am not eating/drinking. 4 pound difference is a huge motivator to say no though.

    I only told one person I was doing this, I really didn't want to hear the criticism from people who don't really know anything about it telling me its wrong. Just easier not to deal with it at all!

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