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Thread: Loading is hard work!! wow

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    Loading is hard work!! wow

    First day of loading...feel absolutly ill, ate ALOT !!! Mcdonalds bagel, egg and cheese, nuts, mac salad, wendys deluxe cheeseburger, hand full of frys, chocolate bar, lots of ice cream, 1 1/2 avacados, chicken breast cooked in lots of olive oil, salad with lots of ranch dressing, cheese..not really looking forward to tommorow, this really is alot of work, i dont think i've ever eaten so much junk in one day EVER!!!

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    Yes it is hard, mostly because the hcg makes one not hungry. You don't have to make yourself ill, though. And if you don't want junk, you can load on healthy foods, like the avocado, macadamia nuts, chicken and salad you mentioned.

    So how did the second day of loading go?

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    I am loading too, and I don't really like it either. Today is my second day, and I am having a hard time with the food. I am just not hungry anymore. I went to a fondue restaurant yesterday, and that was pretty good because of all of the cheese and chocolate. Deciding between between Italian and a hamburger restaurant for my 'last supper', LOL.

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