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Thread: Looking for Feedback - Muscle Aches, Lack of Energy, Lack of Strength

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    Question Looking for Feedback - Muscle Aches, Lack of Energy, Lack of Strength

    I was so excited to find that HCG is now available in the USA. I did a (40) day round of injections and lost (33) lbs (27 lbs of fat, 3 lbs of muscle). Simeons Protocol.

    P2W1: 10 lbs
    P2W2: 8 lbs
    P2W3: 4 lbs
    P2W4: 3 lbs
    P2W5: 4 lbs
    P2W6: 4 lbs

    During Phase 2, I continued to take my multi-vitamin, my vitamin D and my magnesium. Towards the end of Phase 2, I started to feel some constipation, so I added an additional magnesium supplement.

    After the first week, I felt fine, no hunger. In fact, the lack of hunger made it hard to drink enough water sometimes. But other than that, my only concern was that it started to become WORK to climb stairs. I assumed that it was a side effect of VLCD and that I would go back to "normal" energy/strength during P3.

    I'm now in P3, Week 6 Day 2. I still feel physically weak, without energy, without strength, especially in my legs. I was reading that this is normal when there is rapid fat loss, especially from the muscle area. That makes sense too. But how long will I feel this way? What can I do to help the muscles adapt.

    I walked a 5K (in two hours) during my final VLCD (Day 39) ... P3 W3 D1, I did a very hard hike (2000' of elevation) of 2 miles up in 2 hours and 2 miles down in 1.5 hours. I couldn't have done it without hiking poles, though. In fact climbing stairs, I need rail now, still. This hike was very hard on me, probably too much, too soon. But I'm not used to not being active. I've continued to go to the gym most weeks 1x-2x/week to do HiLoCardio with some interval training.

    Being down (27) lbs of fat, I didn't expect this muscle ache/weakness to continue this long.

    I continue to take my multi-vitamin, my vitamin D and my magnesium. Would B-12 help?

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    That kind of muscle fatigue and weakness can be an electrolyte or mineral issue. I recognize it as similar to the lactic acid build up runners get that makes continuing an extreme effort, feeling like your muscles turn to lead. That was a lot of activity on a VLC day, and could have been a factor.

    It can happen during P2 as you continue drinking more water than normal, and levels can get unbalanced.

    Try taking adding some potassium. Until you can get a supplement, you can add potassium by using a bit of cream of tartar stirred into your water. Supplements are 99mg. 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar is about 125mg.

    Also if you are using table salt, switch to a mineral or sea salt instead to get the minerals and trace nutrients
    you need. If you regularly drink RO water, its a good idea to add a pinch of mineral salt to each glass to replace the minerals that have been filtered out.
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    Are you saying you've been in P3 for 6 weeks and are still feeling like that or is it just that you've just ended P2 and are one day 2 of P3? There's no way you should be feeling that way if you've been on P3 for 6 weeks.
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