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Thread: Only losing 4, 6 or 8 tenths of a pound each day

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    Only losing 4, 6 or 8 tenths of a pound each day

    I'm sticking to the 500 calories closely. At first I lost 1-2 pounds a day. Now, after 19 days, I only lose 4 to 8 tenths of a pound every OTHER day.

    Each morning I weigh myself. On Monday I lost nothing. On Tuesday I lost 6 tenths of a pound. On Wed nothing, Thurs 8 tenths of a pound, Friday, nothing, Saturday 4 tenths of a pound.

    On the days I lose nothing I do not use the bathroom except to pee. The following day I do.

    Don't know why I lost so quickly the first 14 days and now kinda stalled out with this strange alternating thing.

    Any thoughts? I have 28 pounds to go.

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    First assuming you are a woman Congrats on the losses those sound pretty good from what i can tell
    Secondly if you want to BM daily use 400mg of Magnesium citrate daily, if you want twice a day use 800
    thirdly add amino acid supplements I use one call amino all . this will up the building blocks your body has to rebuild which is the largest slowdown i think we have. I dont know about Braggs amino acids so i cant speak to them I use AMINO ALL by Nutriwest

    At first you loose a ton of water, this is not longer happening. Do you add electrolytes to your water? if not add calcium and potasium to your diet too keep you from getting water logged and dont skimp on the sodium eating on protocol can have the effect of reducing your salt and you do need salt.

    good luck
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    i am having the same progess as you.Some mornings I wake up at the same time as usual, weigh myself and see no loss.. Take my kids to school, come home weight again. Same weight as before. I then go back to bed 3 hours and wala! have a .6 or .8 loss..

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    that's very normal. you lose a lot in the beginning, and then later on it's quite common to average about .3 per day. average for women is .5 to .75 per day averaged over the length of the round. that means if you're losing a pound per day in the beginning, it's going to drop way down after a while to meet that average loss.
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