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Thread: Lotions and Makeup

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    Lotions and Makeup

    Just being curious and nosy...

    How many of you have done different rounds where you did/did not use lotions and makeup in different rounds? Have you seen a difference?

    My one and only "cheat" is that I'm not willing to give up my lotions and makeup. In my profession (RN), my hands are always horribly dry (sometimes to the point of cracking) from being washed 100 times a day.

    And I'm just too vain to give up my makeup- hey, I can admit it. LOL.

    So even if I'm not losing as well as I would have, it's not something I'm willing to do. Just being curious about your results though! :-)
    Round 1:
    184.2 (load) to 159.8, stabilized at 157.6 (-26.6)--> size 16 to size 12!

    Round 2:
    163.6 (load) to 139.0, stabilized at 144.0 for 3 months (-19.4)--> size 12 to a loose size 10!

    Round 3:
    9/13 and 9/14 -- Loading in progress!

    5'3" -- Goal weight = 125

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    I just started loading yesterday, and I am going shopping today to try and find deoderant, shampoo and conditioner that is okay to use. I was excited to see my makeup is fine (bare minerals). Have you ever tried them? They are by far my favorite makeup. I too will not give up my makeup

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    I know this will be probably met with shock and scorn to people that consider P&I the Bible of hcg, but the doctor I am seeing does not believe any of Dr. S's stuff about skin lotions or touching fat/oil is really true.

    Now I can't speak from personal experience, but I met a woman at the clinic that had lost 47 pounds in 2 months using her normal skin care stuff.

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    I don't know. Some people seem to be more sensitive than others. My good friend has had a heck of a time because she is touching lotion all day, as she is an aesthetician. When she wasn't working her losses were much better. Just because one person hasn't had a problem doesn't mean that the majority won't. If someone is willing to take the risk, that is their choice. Personally, I'm not willing to take the chance. This diet is short and I want to get the most bang for my buck, so to speak.

    R1 - 27 lbs lost (LDW 150)
    R2 - 14.6 lbs lost (LDW 135.4)
    R3- 15.9 lbs lost (LIW 134)

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    I have not given up my liquid foundation. I've never been a heavy lotion user, but I haven't and don't plan to give up my normal makeup/hair washing routine for this diet. I started VLCD last Monday and am down about 11 lbs, and I haven't switched any products.

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    I agree with Monica. I'm not willing to be the guinea pig and experiment. I want the most losses out of this journey. I switched from using my regular shampoo and soap to using Johnson's Baby Shampoo for my hair and body. I still have to put a bit of regular conditioner on my hair but just on the ends and immediately rinse. I've changed to Avon's Smooth Minerals makeup and like it so much that I'll continue using it even when I'm done with P2. Mascara, eyeliner and my deodorant are still the same. I don't use my regular lotions but mineral oil and baby oil for dry skin. I'm averaging .79 losses per day.


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