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Thread: Mixing 3ml's or 5?

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    Mixing 3ml's or 5?

    Thank you all in advance for any information you can give me. I am preparing to start my HCG diet in the next few days; just waiting for it to arrive. I have done it in the past and always mixed a 1 to 1 ratio using 5ml's of water to the 5000IU bottle.

    The website that I got my HCG from has mixing instructions that are only using 3 ml's of water to mix? Have any of you ever mixed like that? It is the same 5000IU bottle. I never have mixed anything but 5ml's; but I'm wondering why they recommend only 3ml's? I suppose my dosage would be different? I usually inject up to 180 on the syringe. If I mix only 3ml's what would I inject? Is there any advantage to using only 3 ml's of water?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Hi Belinda, and welcome. If you mix your 5000iu vial, your dose would indeed measure differently on your syringe.

    Most suppliers instruct you to mix 5000iu with 5ml, as you said. But we consider even the 1:1 ratio of mixing to be too potent. So we suggest you mix at least 1:2 (5000iu HCG to 10ml bacteriostatic water. That gives a strength of 500ius per ml water.) If you mix that way, here are the doses:

    200 divided by 500 = .4 or 40
    175 divided by 500 = .35 or 35
    150 divided by 500 = .3 or 30
    125 divided by 500 = .25 or 25

    (to get a different dose, divide the dose you want by the strength, so a 180iu dose would pull to .36 or 36 on a U-100 insulin syringe)
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    Good luck on your mixing Belinda,and your round!

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