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Thread: Mixing Instructions for RX Sublingual

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    Mixing Instructions for RX Sublingual

    I have my HCG and know the amounts that I need to mix. But I cannot seem to find HOW to mix. What syringe is used for what? I have a kit, but decided after buying the kit, to only mix with Saline Wound Wash. So - where do I find "how" to mix? Why would I need more than 2 dosing syringes since I can reuse them due to the fact that I am not doing injections? And what do I need a needle for? Do I still need alcohol pads to wipe the bottles? And how do I get the spray wound wash into my mixture? My Syringe is only 6ml - Do I need a bigger syringe or can I make due?
    Please either provide the mixing instructions (I know the amounts) or where I can find them for sublingual with Wound wash.

    Thank you - I would love to start today

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    I had the same problem when I got my first RX supplies (I did hhcg first time around), I had NO IDEA how to get started, I didn't know which one was a dosing syringe, and I guess I'm still not sure LOL. You use the sharp syringe to penetrate the little ampoule thing that has the HCG in it (mine's that way anyway). Probably wouldn't hurt to use the alcohol pads tho I'm lazy and I don't. I do open a new syringe each time just because it came with them. Spray the Wound Wash into a little dixie cup or a tupperware or something so you can draw it out. I don't bother with the syringes that aren't pointy, I just use the same one to finish the whole job. Mine's 2,000ius, so I draw 1cc of Wound Wash, inject it into the HCG ampoule, roll it between my hands to mix it up, stick the needle back in and draw it all out and put it in my bottle. Then I draw 3ccs of wound wash, put it in the bottle, and then 2 more and put it in the bottle. Roll it between my hands again to mix it up and I'm good to go. Mixing instructions will be different depending on which kind you have but it sounds like you prolly have a handle on that. Good luck!
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    Did you use Wound Wash for all four rounds?


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