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Thread: Newbie - Week 1: Shouldnít I be losing more?

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    Newbie - Week 1: Shouldnít I be losing more?

    Newbie here. R1P2 VLCD 7. Taking 125/iu injections daily.

    To date Iíve only lost 4.5lbs, which include my load days. Iím a 5í2Ē female, 38 years old and have 60lbs to lose. I have minimal hunger, but thatís normal for me since I barely ate before starting HCG. Iím following Dr. Simeons protocol to the letter, with no substitutions or cheats. I thought the weight loss would be more than this for the first week.

    Is this normal or should I be concerned?


    Date Weight Pounds lost
    11/4/17 188.0 0 Load day 1
    11/5/17 190.5 2.5 Load day 2
    11/6/17 190.0 2.0
    11/7/17 186.0 -2.0
    11/8/17 185.0 -3.0
    11/9/17 184.5 -3.5
    11/10/17 184.5 -3.5
    11/11/17 184.0 -4.0
    11/12/17 183.5 -4.5

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    Your loss doesn't include your load days Your highes load was 190.5 and you're down to 183.5, that a 7lb loss in a week. That is great! That is 1lb a day. The protocol says us women folk can expect .5-1 lb loss a day. It looks like you're doing that perfectly! And you never know, your body may just have a bigger whoosh here soon. Make sure you're writing down everything. Don't mix veggies, don't eat the same food for lunch and dinner, weigh your meats raw, check all veggies if they aren't fresh for added ingredients, drinking all your water.... every one of those can effect you. Oh and some people (like me) won't lose well if they eat the carbs (melba toast or breadstick) and others won't lose if they eat their fruit each day b/c even though it's natural, it still has sugar in it. So if you're eating the carbs, try stopping for two days. If you're not, but you're eating the fruit, try stopping it for two days. See how that effects you. Best of luck, you're doing fantastic!
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    Thanks Kristy. I havenít been eating the Melba toast or breadsticks, but Iíll try to eliminate the fruit to see if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhegaana View Post
    Thanks Kristy. I haven’t been eating the Melba toast or breadsticks, but I’ll try to eliminate the fruit to see if that helps.
    I wouldn't rush to eliminate the fruit. You have lost A WHOLE POUND PER DAY so far. If you cut too much out, you risk ending up with a metabolism that's unable to handle anything more than lean meat and low-glycemic veggies without slamming on the fat.
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    I think you're losing normally. Some people do lose 10-15 lbs the first week, but that is counting the load weight they gained and it is usually people who were carrying around a whole lot of fluid and inflammation. Your losses are perfect. You can expect to average 1/2 lb a day over the course of the round if you are female. Since you've lost 7 lbs the first week, averaging 1 lb a day, you can now expect your losses to slow down or even to stall to get you to that 1/2 lb average by the end. A stall of a week or ten days is normal and expected; it may even help with better stabilization in P3.

    I would not eliminate the fruit. I don't even think eliminating the melba/grissino is a good idea. Dr. Simeons included that small amount of starch in the diet for a reason and even tells people who don't have it available to include a very small amount of starch. If you don't want the wheat in the breadstick, at least have a tablespoon of rice or something starchy.

    You won't lose faster by eliminating foods or calories for no good reason. You may even lose slower if you don't eat close to the 500 calories. And you may risk your stabilization.

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    Thanks everyone. I wasnít eating the Melba toast because I couldnít find it locally, but I just ordered it from target.com. Iíll reincorporate the fruits again and now the Melba toast tomorrow. Thanks for all the support and advice.

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    I've just started my first HCG VLCD on the 28th December and today's my P2D3. I've lost 8.36 lbs from the highest load so far which I am a bit concerned whether the weight drops too fast.

    Will keep monitoring since it's my first time. Let the body tell.

    Happy HCG'ing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moomoot View Post

    I've just started my first HCG VLCD on the 28th December and today's my P2D3. I've lost 8.36 lbs from the highest load so far which I am a bit concerned whether the weight drops too fast.

    Will keep monitoring since it's my first time. Let the body tell.

    Happy HCG'ing!
    Congrats! You are right on target Doing very well Keep on whatever you are doing
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    Its not unusual to lose 7-12 pounds the first week, especially if your load weight was high. Don't be concerned, as a large part of the first week's loss is water, due to the calming down of inflammation from the elimination aspect of the diet.

    Sometime in the second week, your loses will slow. That is normal too.

    Congrats on your progress so far.
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