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Thread: Newcomer question

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    Newcomer question

    Hello! I lost 33 pounds with the hcg diet drops which I now believe were Homeopathic because I never had to refrigerate them. I kept the weight off for months and then started gaining it back slowly after a tragedy occurred in my family, too personal to share but trust me very bad stressful situation. I consciously turned to sugary foods and stopped caring about all of the benefits I gained from losing the weight. I now need to lose 50 lbs due to the affect on my health. I am going to a physician Monday for a consultation to begin the program to include injections. Will I see any difference in the real HCG compared to the Homeopathic or synthetic Drops?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by synthetic Drops, but you don't want to use any kind of drops that don't contain any HCG.

    People can have equally good results on either RX HCG or Homeopathic HCG. It sounds like you had a great round on the Homeopathic.

    I think injections are easier, since its one and done in the morning and you don't have to calculate or remember anything the rest of the day.
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    Thank you for your response Leez. I am wondering if anyone on this forum has used both.

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