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Thread: Is nitro brew coffee okay on the low calorie phase (VLCD, P2) of HCG diet?

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    Is nitro brew coffee okay on the low calorie phase (VLCD, P2) of HCG diet?

    Nitro brew coffee is a new trend. It's carbonated coffee. It contains coffee and nitrogen gas. (Sparkling water is similar, but I think they use carbon dioxide to carbonate sparkling water and sodas.) Does anyone know if nitro brew coffee (drinking it black, of course) would be allowed on P2?

    I've done several successful rounds of the hcg diet over the years and lost 50 lbs. I've maintained quite well, but I'm doing a round starting tomorrow to lose about 10 extra pounds that snuck up on me! Nitro brew was not around during my other rounds.

    Has anybody drank nitro brew coffee on the low calorie phase (VLCD, P2), and if so, were there any problems?

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    Nope. Never had nitro coffee but did watch an article I found interesting. It said as humans, we breath in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Our bodies are designed to rid the body of carbon. Yet, we drink sodas that put carbon back on our bodies. Is this really safe?

    As I said, I found it interesting. I still drink my diet carbonated pepsi. Not as much as I use to but it did make me say Hum??? Now some genus found a way to put it into coffee? interesting. Bet there will be an article on that one soon.

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    Thanks for that piece of info you read. It is interesting. If anyone does try nitro brew coffee on P2, please let us know how it worked out. I might try it myself just to see. Other than what makes it carbonated, there is nothing else in it but coffee. But my body is very sensitive on P2, so I'll know right away if it works or not.

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    I didn't have time to make my cold brew coffee last night, so I'm drinking a can of nitro brew coffee right now. I can let you know how I feel tomorrow, if you'd like.

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    I only drank half the can, but it didn't seem to affect me at all. Still lost .6

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    Thanks for doing the nitro coffee test! I will try it in the next day or so.


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