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Thread: OH MY GOD!!! sooooooooo sick and miserable!!!

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    You of course need to do what is right for you and if you feel this bad and seemingly frustrated and angry, then agreed you should just stop, but to clarify, it IS possible to take too many drops and 15 three times a day is very high, not sure what your sources are but check the Homeopathic Lounge or speak to Beth, contrary to popular belief, more is definitely not better. You also need to tap the bottle against your palm about ten or fifteen times *not shake* to activate the drops and then use the dropper and count the drops into a teaspoon - it is almost impossible to be accurate by just dropping them in under your tongue. Just my two cents worth from experiencing several rounds, though as you said if you feel this crap then just stop and accept your 30 lbs, nothing is worth being as miserable as you are.
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    yeah, my source were grammy that said to always/usually INCREASE the hhcg... so i did...

    and yeah, i've already lost alot of weight and just wanted to get down to a good weight for a tummy tuck, but right now i'm thinkin' 'to heck with that'

    i think i'm going to abandon ship and try to salvage my health at this point... ugh, thanks, and btw i did tap my bottle

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    I never say increase the drops. it's much more likely your dose is too high rather than too low. The hunger from a dose that's too high is insane. And you only reload if what you've been taking is fake, i.e. doesn't say hcg 3x, 6x, etc. The only way to know about your dose is to skip your drops for 2-3 doses and see how you feel.
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    granted grammy, it was an old post about increasing drops, prolly from when hhcg was new, but i got confused anyway... so last night i ate to assuage the terrible hunger, i didn't go crazy or anything, but woke up feeling better today... i skipped my dose last night, and decided to try again today with the new stuff, i will lower the dose back to normal... thanks grammy

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    thanks for helping me through the crisis everyone, i really really appreciate all the talking you did with me, when i was so upset... i'm feeling a bit better today, well quite a bit better!


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    Quote Originally Posted by elaineremains View Post
    thanks for helping me through the crisis everyone, i really really appreciate all the talking you did with me, when i was so upset... i'm feeling a bit better today, well quite a bit better!

    Glad I could help! And I am so glad you are feeling better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elaineremains View Post
    yeah, that sounds like a plan... i'm actually thinking of abandoning the diet, because i spent the last decade battling HELLISH hunger and i had just gotten over it then my stupid brother talked me into this diet... i've been nibbling all night and i CAN'T get rid of this terrible hunger... i'm not even sure what i could eat at this point that WOULD get rid of the hunger.... losing 30 lbs is not worth THIS to me....
    You are the only one who can answer that question. Don't do any of this to please your brother. This protocol is amazing, & when done correctly & at the right dosage, you should never be hungry. But, it does take commitment, & your head has to be in the game.

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