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Thread: Need a Partner

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    Need a Partner

    Day 4 First Round and looking for a partner to just chat with and help each other out

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    i am interested in chatting and encouraging each other. The only thing is I havent bought any HCG yet but am going to diligently research and get some tomorrow. I get on the chat site here but I think I am doing something wrong because my messages don't go out. Let me know if your interested in chatting and maybe we can coordinate a time.

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    Motivation comes by doing
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    LOVE this quote by Wini Linguvic, "We can't wait for motivation to happen. We need to begin even on the days we think we can't."

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    Hi I am on day 6 and would love a buddy to chat with. I have Lost 6.4 so far. Do you eat anything for breakfast, I feel that I need to have something. I had one egg and egg whites today. I will see in the morning if it is OK to have by what the scale says.

    Talk to you soon and have a good week!!!!!


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    Hi Tammy,
    WTG! I am on Vlcd day 5 and am still finding myself hungry throughout the day. I try to have fruit and a breadstick or Melba toast with a ton of coffee, tea, water. I find that a full belly of fluids helps me to feel fuller. I hope to lose 30 lbs in 20 days, and if I can make it to 40 days 40 ibs even better! Don't know how realistic this is though and I don't want to be disappointed in myself. Really trying to stick to protocol, minor deviations include a chicken apple sausage, mixing my vegetables, and having green chilli sauce on my burger. I also have to ise coconut oil on a daily basis because i am a massage therapist. I make sure to wash it off after evey treatment. So far so good. Down 6 lbs

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    Hi guys, I would love a buddy. Today was a tough day for me and I did not follow the protocor. Hopefully, this way we can encourage each other to keep going in the right direction. :0)

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    I would love a partner, tomorrow is day five for me.

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    Pm me if interested(:

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