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Thread: Phase 3 and need recommended excercises

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    Question Phase 3 and need recommended excercises

    I completed Phase 2, losing 21 lbs. During those 40 days I did not exercise other than modest walks. I would like to get some form of fitness into my life but I understand that during Phase 3 I need to be very careful about exercise. While I hope to repeat one more round of HCG to lose the remaining 15 lbs I need to drop, what can I do now to improve fitness? Recommendations very appreciated, even if it is to inform me that Phase 3 is the time to not focus on physical fitness. Thank you in advance.

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    P3 is not the time to start any new exercise program. A daily walk, or doing some gentle stretching is fine, though. You don't want to be doing any kind of activity that causes muscle stress/tears because that causes inflammation, which will confuse your scale numbers during the time when you are trying to stabilize and could lead you into unnecessary steak days.
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