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Thread: Ready to give up...

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    Unhappy Ready to give up...

    I am taking the Drops HCG 12X, 30X, 60X. I loaded as advised for 2 days and started. I was great for 3 days after the load and saw no difference. I do not have a digital scale so it did not move. I felt heavier after the load (clothes tighter). I saw no results. I cheated for 3 days so far and feel like a failure. I am wondering if it is my current weight (120lbs-no judgement please) or the fact that I Crossfit? I have worked out for sometime now and off days I walk/jog.
    I want to start over. Do I need to load? Am I on the right drops? I would like to lose 10-15 lbs. I also am wondering if I can eat some type of breakfast since I feel weak during the workouts. I will use less salt and drink more water but I see people dropping like mad and I cant seem to do it???? I have a little over 1/2 a bottle left. PLEASE help!

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    How tall are you? You would have to be 4'10" to be overweight at 120 lbs and 4'5" to be obese. Even then, if overweight, you would not be overweight enough to be able to lose weight easily with HCG as you would be so close to goal and perhaps don't even have abnormal fat, merely normal fat that needs to come off differently. You probably don't have 10-15lbs to lose, at least not with HCG. I don't think that HCG is for you, my dear.

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    Kneecole, I agree with Mrs. I am 5'4" and got down to 131 (from 159) with HCG and then just could NOT lose anymore, and got hungry. I'd like to lose another 10 lbs, but I finally realize that I have no more "abnormal" fat left and will have to lose whatever "normal"/"bank-account" fat I want to lose by other means. HCG won't touch that fat. How tall are you?
    Have you read Dr Simeon's detailed description of the various types of body fat? It was so helpful for me to re-read that.

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    Like others said...depending on your height you may not have anymore fat that hcg can get at. The other is the crossfit 500 a day you can't afford that much exercise, my doc at most says 30mins of walking max per day. Anything more aggressive and your body will revert and hit the "brown" fat for quick energy leading to a rapid stall/gain. either way game over.


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