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Thread: Round 1

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    Phase 2

    Round 1

    I did the HCG diet about 2 years ago. Starting weight was 147 and in 5 weeks I got down to 127 and was extremely happy. I didn't do the maint. and between that and stress I ballooned up to 175. I started again on Feb 9th and besides a weekend of cheating I am currently at 160 with a loss of 15 lbs. I am planning on not cheating and getting down to 150 by April 5th. I will do the maint. and start back up again for a second round. I am going on vacation to the Virgin Islands on July 12 and plan on being 130-135. I have NO encouragement from any family and my husband hasn't said a word even though he knows I'm working hard and have gone down to a size 10. I count on reading these stories everyday for encouragment and now I'm asking for a little. Also is it ok to take a mild laxative?

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    So sorry you don't have any encouragement at home, Jen. Stick with it though and do this for YOU. It's fine to take a laxative.
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    i SEE how you feel! this is my second attempt at the hcg diet the first time I lost 9 pds in three days, but gave in due to lack of strong will. BUT the summer is coming and I want to look and feel good for once in four years! I dont know if the strong will but I feel this time will be a major success! my gma is in the kitchen frying fish as I type and I am not craving any! I dont feel hungry either

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    You're doing amazing so far! I'm sorry for the lack of support. If you ever need motivation, encouragement, or to just plain chat with somebody who's been there (binging and gaining and all...), feel free to PM me.

    127 was my dream weight as well
    Mommy to 7, ages 2 years through 14 years and step-mommy to two more

    Round 1:
    10/2/10 186 lbs.
    LDW 162.3
    12/21/10 156.6

    Round 2:
    1/1/11 155.2 (preload weight)
    1/3/11 161.2 (load weight)
    2/19/11 136.0 (LDW)

    Round 3: p2d1: 165
    12/11/12 LDW: 136

    Round 4: p2d1 1/25/13
    P3D1 126.4

    Round 5: finished at 142


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