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Thread: Did I ruin my HCG? Help!

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    Did I ruin my HCG? Help!

    I mixed my hcg this morning and didn't put air into the mixing vial so when I put it into the hcg vial with the powder it vacuumed the liquid in so quickly it made a bit of foam which was gone within the hour.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !

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    Oops, I meant put air into the bac water vial!

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    Mine did the same thing. (Our mixing directions are a bit different, so don't freak.) My B12 was basically sucked out of the syringe, but the hCG dissolved instantly regardless. I don't recall any foam, but I doubt that hurt anything. I put all 5 ml into the original vial, so I didn't have a mixing vial. I think you will be okee - dokee.
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    Oh thank you! I guess I'll know for sure once I start my vlcd

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    It should be fine. I've had many vials that foamed. No worries!
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