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Thread: RX Strength Pellets/Troches??? Lookin for advice on where to buy and success stories!

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    RX Strength Pellets/Troches??? Lookin for advice on where to buy and success stories!

    Hi Everyone,

    I have searched this site up and down and cant find any blogs on RX Prescription Strength Troches/Pellets... I am looking for info on where to buy in the U. S. and I am looking for feedback from anyone who has tried these.

    I saw a site that appears to sell the RX Strength, NU IMAGE in Florida, but I have also searched up and down on the Internet and this page and cant find anyone who has has any experiences with this Company.

    I dont want to throw any more money down the drain...I ordered RX injections from India (pharmacy escrow) and I had a horrible reaction, so Im afraid to use anything that is not made in the U. S., and I dont have $700.00 to drop at a clinic.

    I would appreciate any input any of you may have...FOR THE RECORD, I am not interested in doing Homepathic. Its just a personal choice, thats all, after much research.


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    What kind of reaction did you have?? I would guess that 99% of the people on this forum (who are using rx hcg and are not going through a clinic) are using hcg from overseas, probably India or China. If you want hcg from the US and you want to obtain it legally, you will have to through a dr. Any site that is selling US made RX hcg without a presciption is doing so illegally.

    Sorry to sound negative, not my intention. If I'm wrong, I'd love for one of the gurus here to correct me I'm just going on what I have learned and researched, I have been already ripped off once by a company in the US claiming to sell REAL hcg drops....


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