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Thread: Silly Mixing Question

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    Silly Mixing Question

    Hi all, I have been on the hcg diet several times. I took grammyís and Leez advice on mixing and have had no problems mixing my hcg up until today.

    I am coming off P3 and will be doing my last and hopefully final round in a few days. This means I need to restock needles for injection, so today I went to my local pharmacy where I buy my mixing supplies and one of the pharmacists who I have never dealt with before decided to check me out. I explained to him that i am in the hcg diet and that I needed U-100 needles and a sterile vial. He then asked if I needed a mixing syringe. I told him no and that I personally prefer not to use the large 3ml or 5ml syringes (thatís the only sizes they carry). I prefer to use the u100 injection needles to draw the hcg from its vial because itís so much easier than using those big syringes.

    Just a background, I buy the 1ML liquid hcg vials from reliablerx and I find that those big syringe just never get the liquid out easily- so I just donít bother with them.

    The pharmacist proceeds to scold me and insists that I should only mix using a syringe because itís sterile... and the needles are not. I just donít understand why he was so adamant about this. Iím sorry but Iím injecting everyday using a u-100 needle into my body! What is the difference? Am I missing something? I do use an alcohol wipe to clean the new needle before I draw from the vials and I always use an alcohol swab to clean each vial before use. I never double dip, using a fresh needle each time- probably not necessary but I take no chances.

    Whatís your take on this situation? Am I the crazy one?

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    I use the mixing syringe because it is in a sealed package, and it allows me to draw all of the liquid I need out at one time since it's so big.

    What specific problems have you had with the mixing syringe?
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    I'm not a pharmacist or any type of medical expert, but I was under the impression that the injection needles were also sterile. We're using them to inject into our bodies so they're supposed to be, right? I do use a mixing needle and syringe, but only because it is easier for me to mix that way.


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