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Thread: Skip more than one injection to extend R1

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    Skip more than one injection to extend R1

    I'd really like to extend my P2 time so I can get the most weight loss in before going to P3. I understand I need to wait 6 weeks between rounds to avoid developing immunity to HCG and skipping an injection a week allows one to do a longer P2. Is it possible to skip 2-3 days a week to extend the time of P2? Even more out there - could I just do an injection every other day and double my P2 time?

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    It is safe to use one skip day a week to extend your P2. If doing a long round, and skipping also for your heaviest period day/s you can actually have 46-50 losing days in a long round of 40 doses.

    You do need to have 4 days dosing before you can skip, although we generally only use that rule for those working on dose adjustments.

    You can't skip every other day because each dose of HCG stays in your system for 3 days and the doses overlap. Skipping alternate days never lets the HCG get to the strength it needs to be to work effectively.

    Whether you will actually lose more by adding extra skip days is a subjective thing. In compariing a round I did without skip days to one of the same length I did with skip days, I actually lost a bit more from the round that did not include skip days.

    Personally, a long round with one skip day a week feels really long. By the time I get to the end I am really ready for it to be done.
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    Thanks Leez. I'll do the one skip day and see how it goes.


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