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Thread: Started loading on March 3rd... new?

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    Started loading on March 3rd... new?

    Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I have started the HCG protocol on Thursday and I feel sooooo full and i'm hoping i really am sick of food cause I sure do feel like i am! anyway, tomorrow (saturday) will be our first day of VLCD. anyone else just getting started too?

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    Yes - Me too - March 4th my First day actually! - I just posted on a forum for March Loaders. Nice to have all this support huh? - Hey what does Pchf Drops mean? - prescription drops? This loading is great in a way because it IS making me so sick of eating I atually think I'll be super ready for P2.

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    PCHF is the brand-Professiona Complementary Health Formulas... i had a friend that used these Drops and it seemed to work well for her so i'm using them too. this diet is so exciting from all the positive results i've heard about it! i hope i do as well... and you too!

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