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Thread: Do I stop taking bioidentical HRT? Day 2 VLCD

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    Question Do I stop taking bioidentical HRT? Day 2 VLCD

    I've been on a bioidentical HRT (estradiol patch 2x/week) and progesterone pills (daily) since I went into menopause several years ago. I have not checked with my doctor if I should be on this diet let alone stopping HRT.

    Prinster's book says to stop HRT - is that wise? I'm on day 2 of the VLCD but have not been able to weigh myself (the scale I ordered thru Amazon arrived broken and am waiting for the replacement). I weighed on the gorge day at the gym (140 lbs). (140 may not seem high but I'm 5' tall)

    Am on the homeopathic drops and wasn't hungry my first day of VLCD.

    Thanks to all for helping answer my question - it's confusing.


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    Firstly, I do no think Estradiol and progesterone pills are bioidenticals. I believe you are taking pharmaceuticals. There is a huge difference. I would never just stop taking prescribed meds, especially ones you have been taking for years without discussing with my doctor.

    I get my bioidenticals and HCG from the same physician. She told me the bioidenticals would not stall my HCG. She was wrong, it did. I was losing a pound to 1.5 lbs per day and then started the bioidentical estrogen. I immediately stalled and stayed stalled for 18 days. I decided to end Phase 2 and start Phase 3. I was able to maintain the weight loss on phase 3 with the bioidenticals. I had to stop them when I began Round 2. I have had no problem so far. I do not take the bioidenticals when I am in Phase 2. I hope this helps. BTW--I am on the Wiley Protocol, those are bioidenticals. Good Luck
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    hi there

    i just found this thread and i am about to start Homeopathic hcg. I have been taking bioidentical troches for DHEA and progessterone for a couple of weeks. Are you able to just stop the bioidentical hormones for phase 2 and restart them again on Phase 3?

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    I've been on bio-identical hormones for 2 years. Since they are replacing natural hormones, why discontinue?

    For me, the only concern I had was the cream it was in. I called the pharmacy, decided it was not oil-based and therefore P2-friendly. Kept taking them and never looked back.
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    I stop taking my HRT for each of the 3 rounds with no problems, but I would call my doc and get his/her input. My doc suggested I should stop HRT every 6 months to see how I do without it. Otherwise, I might be on it for years and not really need it. I don't have any problem while on hcg except for some slight break-through on hot flashes. I think the hcg helps. After the round, I try going without HRT and hcg to see how I do. So far, I have started back up on HRT each time, but I have lowered my dose. It isn't something I want to live without, nor do I want to be on it longer than necessary.
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