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Thread: Supplementing HCG with CoolSculpt / Emsculpt?

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    Supplementing HCG with CoolSculpt / Emsculpt?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a few rounds of HCG ahead (3-4 rounds, in the middle of the second). From past expereince, I know even at my target weight, my body will hold weight in certain areas (hello upper hips, thighs). These days, we have technologies like CoolSculpt or Emsculpt (many others I am sure) that can help to address this.

    Was wondering if anyone had tried these? Would it be worth doing between rounds? I was thinking of doing between rounds 3 and 4.

    FYI for those who don't know: Coolsculpt works by freezing and thereby killing fat cells, which the body then dispells it. It only removes subcutaneous fat, not visceral.

    Would be curious for your thoughts!

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    I've heard there can be some serious side effects from the cool sculpting technique. I encourage you to make an informed risk assessment before you try it.

    Have you looked into infra-red light therapy? There have been some reports of success at reducing subcutaneous fat with that method, and it also has a lot of other good benefits (skin renewal, better sleep, improved eyesight, wound healing and recovery to name a few) And it seems to be completely safe. You can get a good home system for lots less than you will pay for cool sculpting.
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    I would not. As Leez notes, there are reports of not great results, which are treated with liposuction. Yuck.

    You could do a re-shaping round once you hit goal weight. I found I lost my problem area weight in the final round, the one that got me to goal weight. Although my weight is now a bit above goal, the problem fat deposits have not returned.

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    I would NOT recommend this!!

    I have suffered damage from this procedure. IMO, it should be banned. They do not tell you that you will gain in other areas of your body, and you do not get to choose where!!

    I ended up with divets the size of the device paddles from 1 treatment which then required corrective surgery. Buyer beware.

    I have stayed within 10lbs of goal weight. But I now put on weight in my face and I hate it. I totally REGRET doing it. I do not believe all the damage is reported although past supermodel Linda Evangelista has engaged in a lawsuit. Google that. Allergan owns this and we’ve seen the power of big pharma and hiding details.

    I may have been too late for you, but at least this will be here for others.
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    I've read and seen the Linda Evangelista story over the past year, where her results from the procedure were so bad that she grew disfigured, unrecognizable, and became a recluse with all kinds of damage to her body. She reported her situation being was so bad that she would have preferred to have carried the excess weight instead of using coolsculpting to try to rid herself of the problem areas if she could do it all over again. After my second hcg round, I had a deflated tummy pouch and saggy but still large boobs. I had some extra money that I had saved for a rainy day, and used it to get a tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift. It was the best money I have ever spent. I just wish I had done it years earlier if I would have known about hcg for weight loss back then.

    A friend of mine still had huge thighs fter losing nearly 100 lbs on hcg, getting down to a size 2. She went to Sonobello clinic for a consultation to remove her "thigh fat", and they told her there was nothing they could do about her "thunder thighs", and that since she had no fat areas left anywhere else on her body, she should be grateful and just go home and do thigh lifting exercises. It's funny though that she said all of the other patients or those seeking consultation were very overweight seeking to just trim certain areas but had no desire to lose weight overall. If you've ever seen the Sonobello commercial with the Rebecca girl from reality tv, who is definitely overweight, but went there to get a flat stomach. In her before and after results she is still overweight, just now has a flatter stomach, and seems to be overjoyed just to "look down and see that it's flat" but everything else on her body is still the same size.
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