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Thread: switch in drop brand 1/2 way through

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    switch in drop brand 1/2 way through

    I am new to the HCG diet and although i've been figuring out a lot as I go, I still have one question that I haven't been able to figure out. I am currently on day 18 and have been using the brand "Amazing HCG" that was given to me by a friend who didn't finish the diet. I am wondering if I finish this bottle but would like to continue the diet to the 40 day mark is it okay to start with the new bottle that I had previously ordered. The new bottle is the HCG 1234 from walmart. I am just wondering if this is going to affect my weight loss in a negative way. Thanks for all who have any insight!

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    Hi there, I'm in a similar spot on that I had a partial bottle from a previous round that worked well for me. I didn't order the replacement quickly enough so I had to go to a local health food store to buy some to tie me over through the weekend (OMG expensive!). Yesterday was my first day on the new brand and I was incredibly hungry and had cravings for the first time. It could be a standard VLCD5 thing, or it could be the drops. Alli can say is I can wait for my original brand to arrive! I am fortunate to have a couple co- workers that have been very successful and have stabilized for over a year+ so I asked them if I could switch and their response was that you had to just wait and see how it worked. If its a good brand it should, but I can attest to feelimg different. This protocol is really helping me listen to my body and if it seems like its not working for you- it may not be! Way to go on making it 18 days


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