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Thread: third day --off of loading phase and excited!

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    third day --off of loading phase and excited!

    Welp, I gorged for two days and now I am going on the 500 calo's a day. I am very excited, I have tried soooo many other plans, (atkins, paleo, low calorie)
    I like atkins/paleo and after I lose the weight I will probably go back to that type of food. I had an apple and cup of black coffee this morning and I still do feel some hunger, but I believe some people said on their first few days they were hungry? I really am hoping i dont have to adjust my dose. Anyway I just am so excited and I wanted to express this. I don't want to be a super thin woman but I want to be normal size. I am 5"2 and currently weigh 160, I will be VERY happy with 130 to 135. I hope I can get there!

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    you will get there, good luck to you! I am starting as well so i understand the excitement

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    What dose are you on?


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