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Thread: Ordering in the uk

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    Ordering in the uk

    I finally managed to order and HCG to be sent to the uk and received ampules, in which the glass top has to be snapped off, not the vial and amp I thought I was ordering.

    I am unsure if it is safe to mix these and keep for repeated use in the fridge. I could buy sterile vials but I'd have to get the powder into the vial before mixing and this may comprise the dose and sterility of the hcg - any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Alternatively does anyone have anywhere reliable that sells vials that will ship to the uk? I have tried all the suggested suppliers on this site and none of them ship to the uk.

    If anyone can help me I will be really grateful, I have trying to get reliable hcg to the UK for a very long time now.

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    The snap off tops are not optimal, but it is ok to use them. You need a special tool to snap off the top safely so that you don't get any glass shards falling into the HCG, but other than that there is no difference in the way it is mixed or stored. It would be mixed the same as any other powdered HCG.

    Hopefully, someone will have some information on you on getting HCG in the UK.
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    Hi Leez thank you for your reply.

    I have ordered some hucog from an indian pharmacy freezedried in a vial. However I hear that the vials are too small to add sufficient bacs water.

    I have had a look and I can't get sterile vials anywhere in the uk, I can find some on ebay but I don't trust that they are sterile. I'm starting to get fed up now, it's so difficult to do this diet in the uk. Any suggestions I would be very grateful.


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