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Thread: Vegetables allowed on HCG DIET

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    Vegetables allowed on HCG DIET

    I noticed there are only a select few vegetables allowed. Are those the only ones allowed or just examples of ones. Could one not substitute mushrooms for one of vegetables. Roughly same caloric and carbohydrates as some of the other vegetables per serving.

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    Those are the vegetables you are allowed on the protocol. If this is the first time you are doing HCG than the advise would be to follow protocol first. You may experiment with other vegetables but I would not do it on the first round. When you experiment, try one new vegetable every few days. Some may stall you and others may make you gain. So when you experiment, be prepared for that. And because one vegetable works for one person does not mean it will work for you. Each person's body is different.

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    This is my first time on the hCG plan and when I ate mushrooms my weight loss was less than prior days.

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    I hear you, I'm NOT a fan of the veggies on protocol, I'd rather not eat veggies at all! The only thing I can deal with is brocoli and spinach, but the two are getting very old, very fast! -__-


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