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Thread: On VLCD Day 10 and very frustrated!!:(

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    On VLCD Day 10 and very frustrated!!:(

    Hi I am using the hhcg drops and I'm on VLCD day 10. I have lost about 8 lbs so far which I am very happy with (more would have been better, but I'll never complain about any weightloss). But my problem is that I am very hungry, very tired and very grumpy. Over the weekend I was light headed and dizzy. The hungry part I understand because the low caloric diet but I alway have energy and I am a very happy person. My sister spent the weekend with me and felt so bad for me I was crying and just miserably. She told me to go off it that it wasn't worth it. But I can see alittle difference with my weight and it feels good. I am following the diet to the T. I've tryed adjusting my drops, taking more then less, I can't seem to find the right dose I guess. The bottle says HCG 30x, 60x.
    Does anyone have any suggestion. I need help. I don't want to give up because I really want to lose the weight (plus I spent $180.00 on the drops)
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    Your dose is just off, honey. Skip your next two doses and see how you feel. If better, drop the number of drops. If no better, than raise the dose.
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    Hang in there, Janlee. I'm having trouble figuring out my correct dose of homeopathic drops and I too have wanted to just cry because I feel so terrible (and I'm only on VLCD 3 compared to your 10 days!). Definitely try what Grammy said and see what happens, and then report back.
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