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Thread: Have a wedding in 10 days, can i use this for diet for 7 days?

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    Just starting P2, first timer

    Have a wedding in 10 days, can i use this for diet for 7 days?

    Hello everyone! I am new and have been reading Dr. Simeons protocol which indicates i must stay on for a min of 26 days, if i remember correctly.
    I would like to lose between 5-10 pounds ( anything would be great) as my family is so judgmental of my weight gain and im dreading going to this wedding. I dont mind if i gain weight after the wedding i just want to be slim for it as its being held on the beach. Ugh! Can HGC help mein just 10 days?

    Bad news is i should be getting my period any day and i read to discontinue use during that time. Can anyone tell me why?

    Lastly I am in Playa Del Carmen Mexico for the summer. Does anyone know a doctor down in this area or can you suggest where to buy or a brand that is reliable.

    Does anyone know if it reduces cellulite? I have a little, not much.

    Sorry for so many questions with my first post I'm a little desperate now.
    Thank you and have an awesome ride on your HGC diet.

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    The minimum length of a round is 26 days, so 7 days won't work. And you'd have to load for at least 2 days, gaining weight in the process most likely. Also, many of us don't lose any size in P2 the first time...we lose inches in P3, so 7 days won't help you.

    Hcg will help you lose abnormal fat, which includes cellulite. But it doesn't specifically target cellulite. I still have mine, although it is less unsightly than it was. I don't know where to get hcg in Mexico.

    P&I says to stop hcg during your period. Most people no longer do that. I usually stopped for a day, but if you're using hhcg, you don't stop at all.

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    Honestly, HCG is worthless for so little to lose and such a short time. You will only gain app. 5 lbs when loading, mostly water weight, then lose that first... and then it is time for your wedding. And you cannot skip the loading, since then you wouldn't lose much the forst week in any case.

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    I now know that you are planning to start no matter what we say - but you know that you cannot take a planned interruption after just a week, right? So the wedding will mean strict P2 foods.

    I don't think you realize how much damage a hormone diet like this can do to your metabolism. There are numerous girls who thought it was "just a diet" - they either gained everything back, plus some, or were unable to eat anything that they were eating without a problem beforehand. You need to be willing to actually make a lifestyle change on HCG, and live with the distinct possibility that you will be unable to eat carbs or sugar afterwards. Many who do balloon after HCG. HCG is extreme when it comes to the hormonal response - and it is a great way to lose significant amounts of abnormal fat in people like me. It is completely useless as a quick fix.

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    If you only want to lose 5 - 10 lbs, then HCG is not for you. Don't go through all these hoops for so little (plus it can get expensive really quick). Good luck!
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    It is a really bad idea to do this for 7 days. YOu are likely to mess up your metabolism and you wouldn't lose enough to make it worth while. You'd just barely be back to your starting weight. And a month from now, you may be 10 pounds heavier from messing up your metabolism.
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    With such a short time window, I'd suggest the Atkins induction phase. If you are used to eating carbs, you will lose 6 to 8 lbs of water weight fast and Look great for the wedding. After the wedding, you need to decide what you are going to will agin weight back Instantly post Atkins if you eat carbs.
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