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Thread: Something is really wrong with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by J Beanie View Post
    Where are you that there is no public transportation? Can you call (or email) a cab? It bothers me that you say you are in an abusive situation and cannot get away.
    I'm in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I can call a cab, but it can take 4 hours for them to get here. It bothers me as well, believe me, and I'm trying very hard to get out of here. Trying to lose the last of this weight I gained while hypothyroid, lost before, and have regained now that my thyroid is having problems again, is crucial to me accomplishing this. That's why I'm on this diet. Thank you very much for caring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merimatt View Post
    I'm sorry, but call your doctor. This is not a medical community, we're just people and passing out is not normal.
    Thanks, I didn't think it was normal either, that's why I've been posting about it. You're the first person to agree that it's not normal, and for that, I'm very grateful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryshady View Post
    If your blood sugar is at 18 call an ambulance you could go into shock. Please eat something with lots of sugar and get help immediately. Losing weight is not worth getting very sick or dying over.
    My husband took me to the ER when I started having trouble speaking last night, and they gave me an oral gel of glucose and I came around pretty well. They told me that any blood sugar under 45 is actually considered quite severe. They kept monitoring me until it came back to 100. Since I have a history of hypoglycemia, their only advice was to make sure to eat carbs. I guess I can't do this diet, then, which makes me sad to be such a failure. But thanks so much for your caring response. I appreciate it very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryshady View Post
    After I replied I was so worried about you I went and goggled low blood sugar. This is what I found. Please get help immediately:
    Thank you very much Mary, that was really kind of you to look that up. I only wish I knew why every single time I've ever tried any diet that was very low carb, my blood sugar has become so darn low that I have to quit the diet. It really sucks. Good luck to you with the diet. I wish you all the success in the world.

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    Samsara, I honestly did not see the post at noon yesterday in which at the end of the paragraph you said you had gotten a meter. I had seen the post because I recall reading your response about not being able to get to a fire station.

    I am very sorry if my question came off as abrasive based on that. I had skimmed responses looking to see if you'd had any relief.

    I do not suffer from low blood sugar in fact I was a type 2 diabetic for many years, before losing weight resolved things. I have found when on the low calorie phase of this diet that my blood sugars run on the low side of normal. In the morning it is often below 70. My doc told me he'd worry if it go below 60.... For me.

    I'm glad you got in a skip day...two even. What effect has skipping had on your hunger?

    Do fruits like apples seem to help your blood sugars? Perhaps you can deal with this by eating more than the allowed fruits.

    Ultimately your health is the most important thing. If the blood sugars can not be kept up, it's not healthy.
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    You can do a modified diet on this, honey. The person who first introduced me to the diet did that very thing. She lost 10 pounds a month on it. Not as good as what the actual protocol does but still much better than anything else out there. I'd try that. Eat every 2-3 hours and have a carb with a protein. Do the healthier carbs like peas or sweet potatoes and eat about 2-3 oz of protein with your carbs. 2 fruits a day as one of the carbs of those frequent meals too.
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    So glad you got the help you needed. Is it possible to add 3 fruits a day instead of two to have enough carbs. That was my clinics protocol and it did make me lose slower than most but if that is what you need to do it may help.

    You are not a failure. Everyone of us is different and what works for some might not work for others. (((hugs)))
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    I just wanted to post about my experience with Fertygin every single time I tried it, seemed to be more potent than others.

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    I'm under constant stress every day, as my husband is very emotionally abusive. One of the reasons I was doing this diet is to try to lose some weight, so I could get a job and move away.
    i wouldn't wait to lose weight to get away from that situation. you mentioned being only 25# overweight, and it doesn't seem like that should be a hinderence to getting a job. ?? you might consider calling a women's shelter- they'd probably even come and pick you up, if you don't have transportation. then they would probably help you with transportation to find a job as well.

    as i said when you first tested your sugar, 23 is far too low- so you definitely need to do something different to get that level up. i agree with colleen that you could probably handle a modified program- i believe the biggest thing is to avoid as much fat as possible. so still no added fats, just lean proteins, no lotions, etc. i'd eat extra fruit, and even higher carb veggies or something like sweet potatoes or brown rice. i'd aim to eat at least as much protein as per protocol (we think anything less is too little), and aim for about 800 calories per day.

    but first- take care of yourself.
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    How are you now? I was reading this knowing it was a few days ago, thinking get to the ER, call an ambulance if your blood sugar is that low. I'm glad you got checked out!

    I have hypoglycemia and am managing to do a modified version of the diet. A low carb diet is recommended to stabilize blood sugars, but you may have to taper down rather than suddenly stop the carbs. I am trying to eat 3 meals per day, so an extra protein and veggie and I generally only eat one fruit per day. I make sure my one fruit is always with a meal, because if I eat it on an empty stomach my blood sugar spikes and then plummets so I am starving and shaky. I found I needed to have protein in the morning, so I am doing 3 meals. My calories are around 700-800 and I am still losing.

    I have more thoughts for you if you are still reading the forum.....

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