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Thread: Where did all my photos go?

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    Where did all my photos go?

    My graphs and photos in my "this diet works and here's proof" arent showing up. there's a link but when clicked on it's all black?

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    See just says "attached thumbnails...nothing there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akcharger View Post
    See just says "attached thumbnails...nothing there
    I have never figured out how to do the photo thing, I can load them on my profile but never figured out how to post to thread. Hoping Leez can help,
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    ...still waiting for help

    Also IMG code dont work if i try and take this http://www.dodgecharger.com/forum/in...h=519694;image

    and do this [img] http://www.dodgecharger.com/forum/in...h=519694;image [/img] (spaces intentional)

    I get this...

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    The attachments should be displaying and useable now. Let us know if there are problems.

    The image link you are trying to post is showing as an invalid file type. Acceptable file types end with .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.

    If you post it with URL tags, the image will display in a new window when clicked.
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