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Thread: High blood pressure meds and HCG

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    High blood pressure meds and HCG

    My mother is starting round 1 and she currently takes high blood pressure medication. Will it effect her loss and at what point should she stop taking it (this is the ultimate goal of the protocol). We have a nurse who can take her bp daily if needed. Thanks so much this site is doing so much good, please keep it up!

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    No one can tell you when to stop taking your meds; that needs to be an informed decision between you and your doctor (or your mom and her MD). Continue taking BP meds while having the nurse to monitor BP daily. Record daily readings and educate yourself on signs/symptoms of hypotension; be on the lookout for signs that indicate BP is dropping too low. That information should give you ample indication as to when to talk to your MD and re-visit the issue of dosing.
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    I agree totally with all the above. Additionally, if she is on a diuretic and does not take potassium supplementation prior to the hcg diet, and if the diuretic is a potassium wasting one like hydrochlorathiazide or lasix, she needs to be on the lookout for symptoms of decreased potassium, which can feel like hypotension, but her blood pressure would be normal. If this happens, talk to her doctor and get his advice.
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    It has been a while since the original post. I sent this as a PM, but copied here, remembering that it took many weeks on the forum before I realized why my name was highlighted for "notification"! HA! This is just a "Ditto" from one who has been there.

    "I am on round 3 and have had my cardiac meds change. Be aware that BP does drop while on HCG, but most people will still need BP meds until they have lost enough to impact their activities of daily living. DO NOT assume anything. Have the MD informed at all times and he will advise your mom. I'm 60 and was 268 when I started. I got MD approval. I am now 208.... give or take a couple of pounds. My BP was low while on HCG, but after P2 it went back up. I have maintained my meds throughout. My MD is monitoring me to reduce those meds ........... maybe. He's the boss who now has gained respect for HCG."
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    Like all the above said, it depends on results. I was able to drop my HB prescription after 1.5 weeks of being on HCG. An added bonus was I was able to also stop taking my RLS (restless leg syndrome) medicine! Instead of the pills making me fall asleep by 7pm (which was embarrassing if we had company over for dinner, or more embarrassing to swim, kick, flap my legs around while visiting) I can now stay up until 10pm (or later)! I think it is the combination of HCG weight loss and switching to organic and non-GMO foods, Health & Beauty aids that has made the difference. I think if I didn't switch to the organic, I might still have the RLS.


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