I've been around the forum a long long time, and I recently found out the hard way about an issue we can run into when we lost a lot of weight--bone loss. I broke several bones in my ankle nearly 2 weeks ago and can't put any weight on it after surgery for at least 6 weeks. That's bad enough but the surgeon told my husband my bones were soft. What? I am a health nut and this was totally unexpected. I had a DEXA scan done and I have osteopenia in my hips and spine. After research I found out that one of the risk factors for bone loss is a large amount of weight loss. I lost 75 pounds. It doesn't matter HOW you lose the weight, it's that there is less weight in general and this can affect your bones.

I had other risk factors as well--surgical menopause at 23 and sitting too much since I'm a career novelist always on deadline so maybe they played a bigger role. There's no telling. I'm on some special bone building supplements because I don't intend to take the meds for osteoporosis.

So if you lose a large amount of weight, like over 40 pounds, I'd get checked it I were you just to see where you stand. I did this same thing to the other ankle 20 years ago and my bones were fine then. My weight loss was 10 years ago.

Just a heads up!