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Thread: Epilepsy and HCG?

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    Epilepsy and HCG?

    Hi gang
    Greetings from sunny AZ.
    Hey trying my first post.
    Just curious...KNOW NO MEDICAL ADVICE IS DISPENSED... just seeking a 'yes' or 'no'.
    Out of curiosity are there any other Epileptics out there?
    I have Petite Mal partial complex seizures with atomisms and that are often clonic tonic in nature.
    I've used the 'real' HCG before and never had a problem.

    That was a test post.

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    I have epilepsy. I am seriously considering the hcg diet. I have gained so much from meds and the appetite changes because of them. I am aprehensive because I don't want to get my hopes us and fail because the meds won't let me lose. Is there anyone with experience on this?

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    Hcg and epilepsy

    My adult daughter has epilepsy. She gets mainly the absence seizures, but has also had few grand mals. She is on her second round presently and feels the HCG actually helps her seizures. She's not sure if it's the low carb that is responsible or the drug itself. She has not yet found an anti seizure medication that works to eliminate her seizures altogether....doing this diet keeps her practically seizure free. I have a feeling her seizures are the result of chronic inflammation from food allergies/sensitivities.

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    there are some new studies out that suggest a ketogenic diet really helps epilepsy and other things too like bipolar disorder. She might check that out after she's done with hcg.
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