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Thread: Gluten Free?

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    Gluten Free?

    Hi! I just started and was looking to see if anyone had found a gluten free option for the breadstick/melba toast?


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    Hello! I just skipped it completely and have found that I am fine not having any "bread type" stuff. I am on r1p2vlcd21 and down 16. I don't actually miss that stuff..not the dry rice flour muffins I made etc...hopefully when I re-add stuff to P3 I will be ok.

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    website: www.schar.com/us/
    breadsticks link http://www.schar.com/us/gluten-free-...n-breadsticks/
    Cach breadstick is 18.57 calories
    gluten-free, wheat free
    italian breadsticks
    7 breadsticks = 130 calories/7=18.57 calories

    I happened on them in the health food section
    of a local grocery store, Stop and Shop, here on Long Island

    Good luck

    I used to skip breadsticks completely
    because they made me HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY!!!
    I am NOT hungry using these and they taste GOOD!
    (I guess that confirms that I am gluten sensitive.)
    Always remember
    YOU are LOVED!

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    I skip the bread...not wanting to risk the gluten issues.

    Before and almost after photos.... http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums.../diet-journey/

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    awesome! thanks for the tips and the alternatives. it actually makes you hungrier eating the breadstick!? my friend loves hers but she is used to eating bread. most of my diet was rice.

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    A lot of people on the protocol have gluten issues and they just skip it. It is really only 20 calories more and many do better without it, weight loss wise. I do eat them at all.

    P4 R3

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    I experienced the "hungries" on P2 when I ate the melba toast. It was all I could do not to have another one and another one. It was easier just to cut it out.

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    interesting cowgirl! i think i like having the option of gluten free bread sticks but i never use them.

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    Wasa ry krisp

    I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy but I am tolerant to Rye, so I eat one of those wasa Ry krisps, you have to be careful because some of them have whole wheat flour in them but the light brand has only rye flour. 30 calories, so I have one a day. Some days I eat them, some I don't and I haven't noticed a difference in my weight loss either way. I started at 155 and on VLCD16 I am down to 143, a loss of 12 lbs.

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    Thanks for the link for the gf breadsticks.

    I wish I could eat rye . It would be a nice change.


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    FYI: If you have a Jason's Deli close to you, you are in luck, on the gluten free front. I went there on Friday, intending to get my husband & son sandwiches & settle on a potato or salad for me. I was SO pleased to see that you can get pretty much any of their sandwiches (watch the sandwich ingredients, of course) on gluten free bread! I had a delicious roast beef & pepperjack sandwich! And the bread was not rock hard, as I was expecting, either. Very, very nice surprise!

    weight loss

    Heavy cream, here I come!!.

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    But make sure you ask them to place your gluten free on a separate plate and not the work counter. Many restaurants aren't familiar with cross-contamination of wheat which is a serious problem for those od us with celiac.


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