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Thread: HCG and endometriosis

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    HCG and endometriosis

    I am wanting to try the HCG diet because of two reasons; I'd like to lose some weight AND I have heard that it can help with endometriosis pain and symptoms. However, I understand that the amount of HCG that should be taken for the endometriosis is much higher than what the HCG diet recommends. I would like to know if I need to continue to follow the 500 calorie diet the entire time I'm on HCG (the recommended time is 6 months for treatment of endo). I would also be interested to know if anyone else out there has tried this and what their experiences were.
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    Hello! I haven't heard of anyone on this forum trying what you are proposing. It's not wise to do a 500 cal diet for a continuous 6 month period. 35 to 40 days is the longest recommended. Also, the small dose of hcg that we take has an appetite suppressing effect, too much hcg can have the opposite effect.
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    I think you will be quite pleased with how much your symtpoms will lessen with the change of diet alone plus some weight loss to boot. If you skip the grissini part of the protocol that is Endometriosis can be overcome with a lifestyle change, or at the very least, symptoms drastically reduced.

    All that being said, you should stick to the 30-40 day rounds for best results. You can do several round in one year, just be sure to allow your body to adjust in between. Good luck!
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    I just wanted to follow up with you guys about endometriosis and Hcg. Did it have any effect? Planning to start loading on Day 1-2 of my period when my cramps are worst.


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