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Thread: HCG success with female bleeding?

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    HCG success with female bleeding?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 22 year old female, 5'2 and currently 135 lbs (give or take).

    I have done the HCG diet before with wonderful results last year. Started at 140 lbs and made my way down to 118 lbs in around 2 months with the homeopathic drops, following the guidelines perfectly with no cheating.

    My problem is, is that last year, my female cycle was perfectly normal. This year, I've gained back some weight from not following my new eating habits and drinking alcohol after turning 21 the day I ended my phase 2. So obviously, I didn't do Phase 3 correctly.

    Anyways, I have been seeing a doctor at planned parenthood recently about irregular bleeding and cramping with no answers as to why. I am now on a new form of birth control, which I also wasn't taking last year, and I am currently spot bleeding every day, of every month.

    Now, I know its best to start hcg after your period but I am currently always on it and was wondering if anyone else who bleeds more than the normal women has had success with hcg.

    I am in a wedding in a few months and flying home so my parents can meet my boyfriend and I'd like to be smaller, like I was when I saw them last year.

    Main questions are: Can you have success on hcg with constant bleeding? When should I start my loading days and phase 2? Though I'm hoping this may reset my cycle, is it harmful for me to do low calorie diet/hcg hormone with the issues I currently have?

    I realize if I'm going to do this, I should probably add an iron suppliment, eventhough its against the rules, just to keep those levels up.

    Thank you so much!

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    Your bleeding issue needs to be addressed medically. Something is off there. It may just be your new birth control regiment. Yes, you need an iron supplement especially with the bleeding. It's not a problem to take one on protocol. I wouldn't worry about when to start because of the bleeding....I never time my rounds based on that. It affects your losses during your actual period, but not during spotting. As far as should you do the diet now....that's a tough one since you really don't know why you are spotting. Hcg will probably have a minimal affect on whatever is causing it....but I think the important thing here is to address the bleeding. Tell your Doc about it, have your med adjusted and get his opinion on it. You might need a D&C....who knows? Often folks spot for a month or so after changing BC pills, and yes, dieting in general can mess with your period, as can taking hcg. It comes down to how many variables you feel comfortable dealing with right now. I wish we could help more, but that's the best I can offer. Good luck. .
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