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Thread: Hypoglycemia on HCG diet

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    Hypoglycemia on HCG diet

    Hello, I'm doing my umpteenth round of HCG. I do have issues with hypoglycemia and reactive hypoglycemia. I have adrenal fatigue and my doctor said my liver is congested based on my latest blood work. She wants me to do a liver cleanse when I can. I'm trying to get some of the weight off now while I have time and no events scheduled.

    I have gluten sensitivity, but I've been able to handle the single grissini twice a day in the past. I don't think that's true anymore, so I dropped it. I'm on day 21 and I've lost 12.6 lbs, so that's great. After about the first week of eating my protein, vegetable, fruit and grissini at lunch and dinner, I get too hungry in the morning and switch to fruit and grissini in morning and afternoon and the protein and veggie for lunch and dinner. It's better for my adrenals not to go so long without food. I dropped the grissini after day 13.

    I'm still having blood sugar issues. I was just combing through previous posts and saw that Grammy1952 said stevia caused hypoglycemia for her. That's probably my remaining problem, since I use that. That brings me to my actual question- I don't like tea without some kind of sweetener, so do I just need to do the rest of this round with water only to drink? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    I hope the rest of your round goes well. You are facing some challenges. If you know you have gluten sensitivity, it is wise to just stay away from the grissini. You may be able to substitute something like a rice cracker with the same calories and starch content.

    The only two sweeteners allowed on the protocol are stevia and saccharin. However, you may be able to use one of the current zero calorie sweeteners that are more natural, like pure monk fruit extract. Some think that any zero calorie sweetener would be fine, but sugar alcohols have been shown to stall or cause gains, so that is not the best choice.
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    What is your dose? If you're having hunger and you've done multiple rounds, you may need to lower your dose.

    I don't eat gluten so I've used either Schaar gluten free grissini or a gluten free cracker in place of the wheat grissini. Dr. Simeons says that small amount of starch is included in the diet and a suitable substitute can be used in place of the grissini when they aren't available, or in your case advisable.

    I don't use sweeteners in P2 or any other time. You could learn to drink your tea without it. Or add some lemon and fresh mint to iced tea. Or puree some orange or strawberry and add it to the tea for a sweet fruity taste (using the rest of the orange or strawberries for your fruit that day). Or purchase some tea that is naturally sweet. I've often found tea with licorice root to have a sweet, syrupy taste. You'll find that after a couple of weeks of no sweetener, everything starts to taste really sweet, even water.

    Regarding blood sugar issues, here's what the Original Manuscript has to say,

    "Towards the end of a course or when a patient has nearly reached his normal weight it occasionally happens that the blood sugar drops below normal, and we have even seen this in patients who had an abnormally high blood sugar before treatment. Such an attack of hypoglycemia is almost identical with the one seen in diabetics who have taken too much insulin. The attack comes on suddenly; there is the same feeling of light-headedness, weakness in the knees, trembling, and unmotivated sweating; but under HCG, hypoglycemia does not produce any feeling of hunger. All these symptoms are almost instantly relieved by taking two heaped teaspoons of sugar.

    In the course of treatment the possibility of such an attack is explained to those patients who are in a phase in which a drop in blood sugar may occur. They are instructed to keep sugar or glucose sweets handy, particularly when driving a car. They are also told to watch the effect of taking sugar very carefully and report the following day. This is important, because anxious patients to whom such an attack has been explained are apt to take sugar unnecessarily, in which case it inevitably produces a gain in weight and does not dramatically relieve the symptoms for which it was taken, proving that these were not due to hypoglycemia. Some patients mistake the effects of emotional stress for hypoglycemia. When the symptoms are quickly relieved by sugar this is proof that they were indeed due to an abnormal lowering of the blood sugar, and in that case there is no increase in the weight on the following day. We always suggest that sugar be taken if the patient is in doubt.

    Once such an attack has been relieved with sugar we have never seen it recur on the immediately subsequent days, and only very rarely does a patient have two such attacks separated by several days during a course of treatment. In patients who have not eaten sufficiently during the first two days of treatment we sometimes give sugar when the minor symptoms usually felt during the first three days of treatment continue beyond that time, and in some cases this has seemed to speed up the euphoria ordinarily associated with the HCG method."

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    Thanks, Leez. I have some Just Like Sugar made from chicory. I might switch to that after a few days off the stevia.

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    Thanks, Jmmrr, but I'm not close to goal weight. I use the homeopathic pellets, 3 of them 3 times a day. I think I'll focus on the licorice root tea for now, since I have it. It's good for the adrenals, too. You're right. I think I'm addicted to the taste of sweet in general. There is definitely emotional stress. I'm unemployed and my Mom passed away about 2 months ago.

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    Another thing- I was eating hard candies sweetened with sorbitol. After doing a little research on sorbitol, I realized they were making me hungrier and causing wild mood swings. I feel so much calmer today and satisfied with what I ate. Yowza!

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    It took me a while to figure out the stevia factor, but it happens every time I use it and I found it's not that uncommon. You could use a little bit of Sweet n Low. That's what I used when I had to have my coffee sweetened. I drink it black now so it's not an issue but 1/2 packet or less of sweet n low would do the trick for me.

    And even with homeopathic hcg, you often have to lower the dose after several rounds. Before you do anything, read the ingredients and make sure they read hcg 3x etc. You need to make sure they are real. If they are, then try skipping a couple of doses and see how you feel. You might need to lower the dose just a bit.
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