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Thread: Hypothyroidism AFTER HCG

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    Hypothyroidism AFTER HCG

    I have hypothyroidism. I take synthroid. Though I feel better on medication, I have never felt as good as I do on HCG. HCG seems to have replaced that missing "something" that makes me feel again as if I am in my 20s.

    I have so much energy, my thinking is clear, my hair is no longer falling out - even a little, the extreme ridges in my nails are clearing up (albeit slowly and slightly). I forgot how great I used to feel. I forgot how great it is to feel great. In 25 days my life has improved in every way shape and form.

    I am terrified to lose this. I can't go back to feeling the way I did before.

    I know everyone is different, but can you all with hypothyroidism that has completed a round tell me if the feelings I have now will be lost when my HCG is over, and if it is lost are there any means of having a doctor incorporate HCG into ones everyday treatment of hypothyroidism (with weight loss NOT being a goal)?
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    hi this time I hope, I also am hypothyroid and menopausal, I feel the same way, I have not had this much energy and the hcg stopped my hot flashs, night sweats and insomina, I don't know what Im gonna do either, life was miserable for 2 years without hcg. I going to have blood work done next week, curious what my levels are, hopefully blood sugar is down so I dont have to start diabetes meds. good luck to you, Niane

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    Sorry that you feel so bad on a regular basis without the hcg. I have been on synthroid for 16 years and I don't feel any different whether I am on or off the diet and I am in my third round now. But my thyroid levels have been stable since the first year of starting them. The only time I notice a difference is when I ran out of meds once and waited for an appt. for a prescription renewal. Hope you don't have any problems when you enter P3 and good luck. Sorry I could not be of more help.
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    You need to read Stop the Thyroid Madness. And then go to, a doctor who specializes in thyroid.

    Many doctors in the know about thyroid do not recommend the synthetics for healing the thyroid. You want T3, not T4. MOST hypothyroid problems are because our bodies aren't converting the T4 to T3 as it is supposed to do in a healed body. Synthoid is just more T4. While it works for some people, it won't do a thing for a large majority of hypothyroid problems.

    I take Armour Thyroid, which is natural thyroid and provides a balanced combination of T4, T3 and the other Ts as it is in our own body. Many say it is the T3 component of that which is helping, so they take a T3 only med like Cytomel for faster results until the thyroid is more healed and then they switch to Armour or similar all natural med.

    Some people are actually finding healing of their thyroid by doing a Leptin Reset (Paleo eating with spcific timing involved) once they complete P2. There is a (very long) thread in the boxing ring on this forum. Or you can check out the Leptin Blogs on He is a neurosurgeon who has developed a rigid "prescription" for healing the Leptin Sensitivity issues that have led us to become hypothyroid (and fat) in the first place.

    There IS life after HCG, and healing for the thyroid as well! You're doing really well with your P2 ... best of luck with the thyroid and P3!
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